Advertising Process Explained

Advertising management is a planned managerial process intended to monitor and regulate the numerous advertising activities included in a campaign to interact with a firm’s target market and influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

To build advertising and achieve the most significant results, one must follow the advertising process. The steps involved in the advertising process are as follows :


The advertiser must brief about the product or service to be marketed. It is necessary to do a SWOT overview of the company and the product.

Understanding the goal

To begin, one needs to understand the objective or purpose of advertising.


this phase entails learning about market behaviour, rivals, what advertising they use, customer reaction, availability of resources needed in the process, etc.

Target audience

The next stage is to determine the target users who are most likely to purchase the product. The target should be correctly recognised without any ambiguity. For example, if the product is a health drink for growing children, the target consumers will be the parents who will buy it rather than the children who will drink it.

Media selection

Now that the target audience has been determined, the suitable medium for advertising should be chosen so that the consumers who need to be educated about the product and are eager to buy are effectively reached.

Setting the Budget

Next, the advertising budget must be prepared so that there are neither shortfalls nor surpluses of cash during the advertising process and no losses to the business.

Designing & creating the Ad

The agency’s copywriters create the outline of the ad on paper first, and then the actual construction of the ad is done with the assistance of the art directors and creative professionals of the agency.


The generated ad is re-examined and redefined to make it market-ready.

Media & Timing

The next step is to determine where and when the ad will appear. The location will be chosen based on where the ad will be most visible to the target buyers. The traffic department of the agency will determine when the ad will be aired or shown on the specified medium.


Finally, the commercial is released into the market with flawless creativity, placement, and timing.


The final stage evaluates the ad’s performance in terms of consumer reaction if they are pleased with the ad and the product, whether the ad reached the targeted individuals, and whether the ad could compete with the other players. Every point is thoroughly examined, and any necessary modifications are implemented.

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