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Prashant Desai is a senior director at Everstone Group, a leading India-focused South East Asia private firm with investments across private equity, real estate, green energy and venture capital. He is currently the head of strategy and investor relations at Burger King India. He approached Digtrix with a vision to create a compelling online platform for the launch of his latest literary masterpiece. The collaboration involved the design and development of a bespoke website that would serve as the digital epicentre for promoting and celebrating the release of Prashant Desai’s book.

Elevating Authorship - A Digital Odyssey for Prashant Desai's Book Launch

Challenges Faced

Author-Centric Design

  • Designing a website that not only showcased the book but also reflected the author’s unique style, personality, and literary journey.

Engagement and Promotion

  • Creating an engaging platform that not only informed visitors about the book but also enticed them to explore its contents and participate in promotional activities.

Our Approach

Web Design and Development

Author's Vision Workshop

  • Collaborative sessions were conducted to understand Prashant Desai’s vision for the website and the key elements he wanted to highlight.

Visual Representation

  • The design process focused on creating a visually captivating representation of the author’s literary world, incorporating elements that reflected the book’s theme and essence.

Responsive Design

  • Recognizing the diverse devices used by the audience, the website was designed to be fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across various screens.

Book Showcase

  • A dedicated section showcased the book cover, synopsis, and excerpts, providing visitors with a glimpse into the literary journey crafted by Prashant Desai.

Engagement Features

Interactive Elements

  • Features like author interviews, behind-the scenes content, and interactive Q&A sessions were integrated to engage visitors and build anticipation for the book launch.

Pre-order and Purchase Options

  • Seamless integration of pre-order and purchase options allowed visitors to directly order the book, enhancing the convenience of the digital experience.

Promotional Campaign Integration

  • Social media campaigns, virtual book signings, and interactive contests were seamlessly integrated into the website to expand the reach and impact of the book launch.

Newsletter Subscription

  • A newsletter subscription feature was incorporated to build a community of engaged readers, keeping them informed about upcoming releases and author events.


Author-Centric Digital Platform:

  • The website successfully encapsulated Prashant Desai’s literary persona, providing a digital haven for readers to explore his works and engage with his latest masterpiece.

Engagement and Promotion:

  • The interactive features and promotional campaigns contributed to heightened engagement, generating buzz around the book launch and fostering a sense of community among readers.


The collaboration of Digtrix with Prashant Desai exemplifies the power of a purposeful and author-centric digital platform. By addressing web design and development needs and integrating engaging features, we’ve created a virtual space that not only serves as a launchpad for Prashant Desai’s latest book but also invites readers to embark on a digital literary journey. As the author’s words come to life on the digital canvas, the website stands as a testament to the seamless integration of technology and literature in the modern age.

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