Project Focus:
Brand Identity Design, Web Design & Development, Brand Materials

Divine Interiors


Interior Design


Client Challenge

Divine Interiors sought an end-to-end consulting and implementation partner to transform their online presence. The project encompassed brand identity design, web design and development, and the creation of essential brand materials, including flyers, brochures, and visiting cards.

Elevating Divine Interiors with Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Our Approach

Consulting and Implementation

  • Engaged in collaborative sessions with Divine Interiors to understand their brand vision, values, and goals.
  • Provided end-to-end consulting, covering design and discovery, product development, IT infrastructure setup, deployment, testing, and delivery.

Brand Identity Design

  • Conducted a brand identity design process to refine and enhance Divine Interiors visual representation.
  • Developed a cohesive and distinctive brand identity that aligned with the client’s interior design ethos.

Web Design and Development

  • Discovery and Design: Undertook an extensive discovery process to understand Divine Interiors’ unique offerings and target audience.
  • Web Design: Created a visually appealing and user-friendly web design that reflected the brand’s aesthetic and showcased their portfolio effectively.
  • Development: Implemented robust backend development to ensure seamless functionality, incorporating features such as a portfolio showcase, contact forms, and more.

Testing and Deployment

  • Conducted thorough testing to ensure the web design and development met the highest standards of functionality, responsiveness, and security.
  • Deployed the website and brand materials efficiently, ensuring a seamless transition into the digital landscape.

Brand Materials

  • Flyers and Brochures: Developed eye-catching and informative flyers and brochures that effectively communicated Divine Interiors’ services, expertise, and unique selling propositions.
  • Visiting Cards: Designed professional and memorable visiting cards to leave a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators.


The collaboration of Digtrix with Divine Interiors resulted in a comprehensive transformation:

  • Refined Brand Identity: The brand identity design process yielded a refined and cohesive visual identity that accurately represented Divine Interiors’ style and values.
  • Striking Web Presence: The web design and development efforts led to the creation of a visually striking and functional website, providing an engaging platform for showcasing Divine Interiors’ portfolio.
  • Efficient Deployment: The efficient deployment of both the website and brand materials ensured a seamless transition into the digital landscape.
  • Effective Brand Materials: The flyers, brochures, and visiting cards contributed to effective offline marketing, leaving a lasting impression and communicating Divine Interiors’ expertise.


The success of the Divine Interiors project exemplifies Digtrix commitment to providing end-to-end digital solutions. By addressing brand identity, web design, development, and brand materials, we elevated Divine Interiors’ online and offline presence. This case study underscores Digtrix ability to act as a comprehensive and trusted partner, delivering transformative results that align with our clients’ brand visions and objectives.

So, when you choose Digtrix, you're not just partnering with a digital firm, you're partnering with a team of dreamers, doers, and tech-savvy trailblazers.

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