Project Focus:
E-Commerce Portal Recreation

Arshad Couture


E- Commerce


Client Challenge

Arshad Couture, an established brand, approached Digtrix dissatisfied with the design and performance of their existing e-commerce platform. The client sought a complete overhaul to address design issues, enhance website speed, and optimize overall performance. Arshad Couture required a comprehensive solution and partnered with us for end-to-end consulting, including design, development, IT infrastructure setup, deployment, testing, and delivery.

Transforming E-Commerce Experience for Arshad Couture

Our Approach

Discovery and Design

  • Brand Identity Creation: Collaborated with the client to refresh the brand identity, ensuring a modern and cohesive representation aligned with Arshad Couture’s vision.
  • User Experience Design: Conducted in-depth discovery sessions to understand user expectations and pain points. Applied user-focussed design principles to enhance the overall user experience.


  • UI/UX Implementation: Translated the finalized design into a responsive and visually appealing frontend, focusing on user-friendly navigation and aesthetics.
  • E-Commerce Portal Development: Built a robust and feature-rich ecommerce platform, incorporating functionalities such as product catalogs, cart management, secure payment gateways, and order processing.

IT Infrastructure Setup

  • Linux-Based Server Environment: Created a secure and scalable environment on a Linux-based server to ensure optimal performance and stability for the e-commerce portal.


We maintained close communication with thatmarketinglady throughout the development process, incorporating their feedback and ensuring alignment with their vision. This collaborative approach ensured a seamless and personalized solution.


Accessibility Audit:
  • Conducted a thorough accessibility audit to guarantee that the ecommerce platform adheres to accessibility standards, making it inclusive for all users.
User Testing:
  • Engaged in extensive user testing to identify and address any usability issues. Gathered feedback to make iterative improvements and enhance overall user satisfaction.


The collaboration with Arshad Couture resulted in a transformed and optimized e-commerce platform:

  • Redesigned Brand Identity: The refreshed brand identity contributed to a modern and cohesive representation, aligning with Arshad Couture’s brand vision.
  • Improved User Experience: The implementation of user-centric design principles enhanced the overall user experience, making navigation intuitive and enjoyable for customers.
  • Optimized E-Commerce Portal: The recreated e-commerce portal addressed previous design flaws and sluggish performance, resulting in a faster, more responsive, and aesthetically pleasing platform.
  • Secure IT Infrastructure: The Linux-based server environment ensured a secure and scalable infrastructure, supporting the ecommerce portal’s performance and stability.
  • Successful Deployment: The deployment process was executed seamlessly, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new e-commerce system.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Accessibility audits and user testing contributed to a polished and user-friendly e-commerce platform, meeting the highest standards of quality.


The successful recreation of Arshad Couture’s e-commerce platform stands as a testament to Digtrix commitment to delivering transformative and comprehensive solutions. By addressing design concerns, optimizing performance, and ensuring a seamless deployment, we not only met but exceeded Arshad Couture’s expectations. This case study highlights our capability to provide end-to-end digital solutions that contribute to the success of our clients in the competitive online landscape.

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