Project Focus:
End-to-end Consulting, Web Design & Development, Technical SEO





Client Challenge

Kayasthvivaah approached Digtrix with a vision to establish a matrimony platform exclusively tailored for the Kayastha community. The challenge was to find a partner capable of providing comprehensive services, covering design, development, IT infrastructure setup, deployment, and testing.

Transforming Matrimony Experience for Kayasthvivaah

Our Approach

Discovery and Design

  • Conducted in-depth discovery sessions to understand client requirements and goals.
  • Crafted a unique brand identity for Kayasthvivaah.
  • Created an intuitive User Experience Design (UX) to enhance user engagement.


  • Implemented the UI/UX design into a responsive and visually appealing matrimony system.
  • Ensured a seamless user journey with easy navigation and accessibility
  • Developed a robust Matrimonial Admin Dashboard using Laravel MVC.
  • Integrated essential features such as user profiles, matching algorithms, chat functionality, subscription modules, an admin dashboard, and a credit system.

IT Infrastructure Setup

  • Established a secure and scalable environment on Linux-based servers.
  • Ensured the platform’s stability and performance through optimized infrastructure.


  • Successfully deployed the developed matrimony system in the server environment.
  • Conducted rigorous testing to identify and address any deployment related issues.


Accessibility Audit:
  • Conducted an accessibility audit to ensure the platform is inclusive and usable by a diverse audience.
  • Complied with accessibility standards to cater to users with diverse needs.
User Testing:
  • Engaged in user testing to gather feedback on the overall user experience.
  • Made iterative improvements based on user input to enhance the
    platform’s usability.


The collaboration with Kayasthvivaah resulted in the successful creation and launch of a dedicated matrimony platform for the Kayastha community. The platform not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive design and user-friendly features garnered positive feedback from users, making the platform a preferred choice within the community.
  • Comprehensive Feature Set: The matrimony system incorporated a wide range of features, from user profiles to subscription modules, ensuring a complete and satisfying user experience.
  • Stable Infrastructure: The Linux-based server environment provided a stable foundation, ensuring the platform’s performance and reliability.
  • Inclusive Accessibility: The platform’s accessibility audit ensured inclusivity, allowing users of all abilities to navigate and interact seamlessly.
  • Client Satisfaction: Kayasthvivaah expressed satisfaction with our end-to-end services, from conceptualization to delivery.


“Working with Digtrix wasn't just a collaboration, it felt like joining a team. They were incredibly transparent, kept us informed every step of the way, and fought hard to get the best results for my project. We felt like their success was personal to them, and that kind of dedication is hard to come by."
Mr Dharmendra Kumar


The KayasthVivaah matrimony platform stands as a testament to Digtrix ability to transform ideas into impactful digital products. By combining strategic consulting, thoughtful design, and meticulous implementation, we provided a comprehensive solution that met the unique needs of our non-profit client. This case showcases our commitment to delivering excellence and contributing to the success of our clients in the digital landscape.

So, when you choose Digtrix, you're not just partnering with a digital firm, you're partnering with a team of dreamers, doers, and tech-savvy trailblazers.

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