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Web Design, E-commerce Store Development






Oneclicq, a dynamic and ambitious e-commerce startup, approached Digtrix with the vision of establishing a strong online presence and seamlessly connecting with their target audience. As a company passionate about simplifying and enhancing the shopping experience, Oneclicq aimed to create a brand identity that resonated with modern consumers and a user-friendly ecommerce platform to showcase and sell their curated collection.

Transforming Oneclicq - A Comprehensive Digital Solution Journey

Challenges Faced

Brand Identity Establishment

  • Oneclicq lacked a distinctive brand identity that could set them apart in a competitive market. They needed a compelling brand design and a memorable logo to encapsulate their essence.

Web Presence Enhancement

  • The existing website was basic and failed to reflect the brand’s uniqueness. Oneclicq sought a complete web design overhaul to ensure a visually appealing, intuitive, and functional online platform.

E-Commerce Store Creation

  • With the growing trend of online shopping, Oneclicq needed an ecommerce store that not only facilitated transactions but also provided a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

Our Approach

Brand Design and Logo Creation

Research and Ideation

  • We conducted in-depth research into Oneclicq’s values, target audience, and industry trends. Through collaborative workshops, we defined their brand personality and positioning.

Visual Identity Development

  • Our design team translated the insights into a visual identity that reflected Oneclicq’s modern, user-centric, and trustworthy ethos. The logo creation process focused on simplicity, memorability, and scalability.

Brand Consistency

  • Ensuring consistency across all touchpoints, we crafted brand guidelines that encompassed the use of colors, typography, and imagery. This guaranteed a cohesive brand presentation across diverse platforms.

Web Design Overhaul

User-Centric Design

  • Understanding the importance of user experience, our web design team created wireframes and prototypes with a focus on intuitive navigation and engaging visuals.

Responsive Design

  • The new website was designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices. Mobile responsiveness was particularly emphasized to capture the growing mobile user base.

Visual Storytelling

  • Leveraging compelling visuals and brand-centric messaging, the redesigned website told the story of Oneclicq, captivating visitors and encouraging them to explore further.

E-Commerce Store Creation

Platform Selection

  • After evaluating Oneclicq’s specific needs, we recommended and implemented a robust e-commerce platform that aligned with their goals, providing scalability for future growth.

Product Showcase

  • The e-commerce store was crafted to showcase Oneclicq’s curated collection in an engaging manner. High-quality visuals, detailed product descriptions, and user-friendly filters were implemented.

Seamless Checkout Experience

  • Streamlining the checkout process, we implemented secure and efficient payment gateways, reducing friction and encouraging conversions.


Strengthened Brand Identity:

  • Oneclicq now boasts a distinctive and memorable brand identity that aligns seamlessly with their values and resonates with their target audience.

Enhanced Online Presence:

  • The revamped website has become a digital storefront that effectively communicates Oneclicq’s brand essence. The user-centric design has resulted in increased engagement and longer visit durations.

Thriving E-Commerce Presence:

  • Oneclicq’s e-commerce store has witnessed increased traffic and conversion rates. The seamless shopping experience has garnered positive feedback from customers.


The transformation journey with Oneclicq exemplifies the power of a comprehensive digital solution. By addressing brand design, web design, and e-commerce store creation, we’ve not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. Oneclicq is now positioned for success in the competitive digital landscape, equipped with a strong brand identity and a powerful online platform.

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