Advert Secrets: Most Common Tactics Used by the Advertisers

Today, every business must advertise its product to inform customers about it, improve sales, enhance market value, and establish a brand and name. Every company spends a significant amount of money on promoting their products, but the money invested will only be successful if the finest advertising strategies are employed for the product.

So, here are some of the most frequent and widely used methods employed by advertisements to achieve their objectives.

Emotional appeal

This advertising method is based on customer requirements and the fear factor. The most prevalent needs appeals are a need for something new, a desire to be accepted, a need to not be ignored, a need to modify old things, a need for security, a need to become beautiful, and so on.

The most prevalent fear-based appeals include fear of an accident, fear of death, fear of being avoided, fear of being sick, fear of growing old, etc.

Promotional Marketing

This approach entails handing away free product samples or free trials to customers.

The goods are provided at trade shows, promotional events, and marketing campaigns to attract buyers’ attention.

Advertising on the Bandwagon

This strategy entails persuading clients to join the group of individuals who have purchased this product and be on the winning side. For example, consider a recent Pantene shampoo advertisement, “15 million ladies trusted Pantene, and you?

Statistics & facts

Advertisers employ figures, evidence, and real-world examples to demonstrate how well their product works. For example, “Lizol floor cleaner cleans 99.99 per cent germs” or “Colgate is recommended by 70% of the world’s dentists” or Eno – just 6 seconds.

Ads That Aren’t Completed

The advertisements here just toy with language by claiming that their product works better than the rival without specifying how much better. For example, “Horlicks – more nutrition daily “.The promotions do not define how much additional nourishment they can get.

Weasel Phrases

Advertisers use this tactic when they don’t claim they’re the greatest, but they also don’t dispute it. Sunsilk Hairfall Solution, for example, lowers hair fall. The advertisement does not state that it prevents hair fall.


Influencers are used by marketers to promote their products. Celebrities or influencers promote the product by sharing their own experiences with it. Recently, a diamond jewellery advertisement featured celebrity Amitabh Bacchan and his wife Jaya promoting the goods. The ad showed how he pleased his wife by making the wise decision to purchase this brand. Sachin Tendulkar, a cricket legend, has sponsored a shoe company.

Complementing buyers

In this case, the advertisers employ punch lines that complement the consumers who purchased their items. For example, Loreal states, “Because you are worth it.”


Advertisers who use this strategy demonstrate that the families or children who use their product are happy-go-lucky. The ad always features a lovely and well-furnished home, well-mannered children, and a modest and pleasant family. For example, a Dettol soap advertisement portrays everyone in the family using the soap and so being germ-free. When contrasted to other persons who do not use this soap, they exhibit a fluorescent colour line encompassing the entire body of each family member.

Advertisements Celebrating Patriotism

These advertisements demonstrate how people may support their nation while using their product or service. For example, several goods banded together and stated in their advertising that you will assist a child going to school if you buy any of these things.

Probing customers

Advertisers who use this strategy ask customers to get feedback on their products. For example, an Amway advertisement repeatedly asks, “Who has so many entirely organic farms?” “Who gives the strength to climb the stairs at 70?” “Who makes the kids develop in a right and nutritious way?” “Is there anybody who is listening to these entire questions?” Finally, an answer is given: “Amway: We are Listening.”


This strategy persuades people to purchase a product by offering incentives such as “buy one shirt, get one free,” or “be a member of the club for two years and get 20% off on all services.”

Surrogate Marketing

Advertisers employ indirect ads to promote their products so that buyers are aware of them. This strategy is commonly utilised by businesses that cannot directly market their products. Liquor advertisements are a prime example of this method. These advertisements never show anyone drinking genuine booze; instead, they show them sipping mineral water, soft drink, or soda.

Digital marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, search marketing, display marketing, video ads and others also use the same tactics. The principles remain the same while designing the creatives. Only media is changed, and ads are optimised accordingly. The target audience is the most critical factor to consider before finalising the creative.

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